Bravo Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Drive In Ticket Agreement

Bravo Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Drive In Ticket Agreement

The following agreement (“Agreement”) governs the acceptance and use of any ticket(s) or other means of access (“Ticket”) to one (1) of the Bravo Media LLC (“Bravo”) events entitled “Bravo Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Drive Ins,” that will take place on November 5, 2020 at 8:00 PM ET at The Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA, November 7, 2020 at 8:00 PM ET at Vivint Arena in Salt Lake City, UT, and November 9, 2020 at 6:30 PM or 9:00 PM ET at Skyline in New York, NY (“Events”, each an “Event”). By accepting and using your Ticket, you agree, on behalf of yourself and your guests (“Guests”, each a “Guest”), if any, to the following conditions:

  1. The Ticket is a revocable license. Ticket is required for entry to Event, and entry may be subject to biometric scans, health screenings, and/or reasonable searches for certain prohibited items, including, without limitation, weapons, outside food and beverage, and illegal and controlled substances. Bravo reserves the right to revoke the personal license the Ticket grants, seize Ticket, and refuse admission and/or remove from Event any person at any time, any person that, in Bravo’s sole discretion, engages in disorderly, harassing, or offensive conduct, uses vulgar or abusive language, fails to comply with or violates any Event rules or guidelines (including, without limitation, compliance with required scans, screenings, or searches upon entry and/or prohibitions on recording or photography), the terms of this Agreement, or applicable laws, or for any other reason whatsoever.


  1. Limit one (1) Ticket per vehicle. Vehicle driver must have a valid state-issued driver’s license for vehicle driver and passengers, if any, to participate in the Event. Ticket valid only for one (1) vehicle access to the Event for the date, time, and location listed on Ticket. Vehicle driver must be the person named on Ticket. Matching valid government-issued photo ID may be required upon arrival (i.e. driver’s license, passport). Vehicle driver must be eighteen (18) years or older with a valid state-issued Driver's License. Any Guest(s) who is a minor must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who is eighteen (18) years of or older as of the date of the Event. Ticket is valid in the U.S. only, nontransferable, nonrefundable, and void if altered. Ticket will not be honored if obtained from unauthorized sellers. Ticket has no value, cash or otherwise, and may not be sold, resold, copied or exchanged under penalty of law; any such attempted or actual sale or transfer of the Ticket invalidates the Ticket. Limit one (1) parking spot per vehicle, subject to capacity and availability. Capacity for Events is limited and admission is not guaranteed.


  1. You are required to comply with all rules and instructions provided by Bravo representatives at any time, including, but not limited to health and safety instructions such as wearing a face covering or mask, maintaining social distancing, and abiding by traffic safety and parking instructions.


  1. You understand and agree that recording or photography of Event (including, without limitation, with smartphones, camcorders, audio recorders or wearable technology) by anyone other than Bravo or its authorized representatives is prohibited unless otherwise indicated by Bravo representatives. Unlawful use of Bravo’s copyright-protected content amounts to copyright infringement in violation of U.S. federal law and may be reported to law enforcement. Event participants may have the opportunity to take still photographs during the Event (as determined by Bravo) and only in accordance with the directions of Bravo representatives.


  1. You, on behalf of yourself and your Guest(s), if any, irrevocably grant to Bravo, NBCUniversal Media, LLC (“NBCU”), and their affiliates, advertisers, and licensees the right to record and photograph you and to use your name, likeness, voice, and information or comments about you, including, without limitation, any photographs, recordings, and/or audio taken of you during Event (collectively, the “Footage”), and to use the Footage in and in connection with the development, production, distribution, and/or exploitation of Event or other Bravo or NBCU productions and in marketing, advertising, and promotional materials for Event and/or other Bravo or NBCU productions intended for initial exhibition on a television network, programming service, or other platform of NBCU. You further grant to Bravo, NBCU, and their affiliates, advertisers, and licensees the right to use the Footage throughout the universe at any time, in perpetuity, in any and all media now known and hereafter devised in any manner including, without limitation, online, on-air, in social media, out-of-home, print and/or in other production(s), including, but not limited to, for advertising, sponsorship or commercial purposes. You acknowledge that use of the Footage may be brought to you by, sponsored, tagged or otherwise associated with Bravo and/or NBCU’s advertisers and sponsors and feature the brands, products and/or services of those other companies. Bravo shall have and own all rights (including, without limitation, copyrights) in and to the Footage.  The rights granted herein shall also include the right to edit, delete, dub, and exploit the Footage as Bravo sees fit in Bravo’s sole discretion.


  1. You, on behalf of yourself and your Guest(s), if any, hereby do waive, discharge, hold harmless, agree not to sue, and release NBCUniversal Media, LLC and Bravo, their respective parent, subsidiary, and affiliate companies, and any sponsors, exhibitors, venues, production companies, and any other entity involved in the development, administration, hosting, promotion, or implementation of Event, as well as the respective directors, officers, employees, independent contractors, agents, and assigns of all of the foregoing (collectively, the "Released Parties"), from and against any liability, illness, injury, death, loss, claims, litigation, or damage that may occur, directly or indirectly, whether caused by negligence or not, arising from, related to, or otherwise occurring at or in connection with Event (“Claims”). You assume all risk of such Claims. Released Parties assume no responsibility and shall have no liability (including for negligence) for any such Claims, (INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, FOR PERSONAL INJURIES OR WRONGFUL DEATH) THAT MAY ARISE IN CONNECTION WITH, OR RELATE IN ANY WAY TO, EXPOSURE TO OR CONTRACTION OF A COMMUNICABLE AND/OR INFECTIOUS DISEASE, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE CORONAVIRUS THAT CAUSES COVID-19, OR COVID-19 (AS DEFINED BY THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION AND ANY OF THE STRAINS, VARIANTS, OR MUTATIONS THEREOF), DURING MY PARTICIPATION IN THE EVENT, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, THOSE CLAIMS THAT ARISE AS A RESULT OF: (I) THE NEGLIGENCE OF ANY OF THE RELEASED PARTIES, AND/OR (II) THE INHERENT RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH ATTENDING THE EVENT DURING ANY EPIDEMIC OR PANDEMIC, INCLUDING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC. I FURTHER AGREE THAT THE FOREGOING RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE EXTENDS TO AND ENCOMPASSES ANY AND ALL CLAIMS, LIABILITIES OR DEMANDS THAT RELATE IN ANY WAY TO EXPOSURE TO OR CONTRACTION OF A COMMUNICABLE OR INFECTIOUS DISEASE, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, COVID-19, BY ANY OTHER INDIVIDUAL, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, MY MINOR CHILDREN AND/OR FAMILY MEMBERS, AS A RESULT OF ATTENDING THE EVENT OR AS A RESULT OF THEM BEING EXPOSED TO SUCH DISEASES BY ME AFTER MY PARTICIPATION IN THE EVENT. TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, I FURTHER AGREE THAT IT IS MY INTENTION THAT THE FOREGOING RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE IS BEING ENTERED INTO ON MY BEHALF, AS SET FORTH ABOVE, AND ALSO ON THE BEHALF OF ANY OTHER INDIVIDUAL WITH WHOM I FULFILL THE PRIZE.


  1. By participating in the Event, you and your guest(s), if any, understand that, Bravo’s policies, CDC guidelines, and the recommendations of health officials must be followed.  You also acknowledge and understand that any public location where people are present provides an elevated, inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19, and Bravo cannot guarantee that any person will not be exposed.By attending you, on behalf of yourself and any individuals who attend the Event with you, expressly assume the risk that during your participation in the Event you or your guest(s) may be exposed to COVID-19, the Coronavirus that causes COVID-19, or other communicable and/or infectious diseases. You expressly understand that these risks include contracting COVID-19 or other communicable and/or infectious diseases and the associated dangers, medical complications and physical and mental injuries, both foreseen and unforeseen, that may result from contracting COVID-19 or other communicable and/or infectious diseases.


  1. Event date/time is subject to change, delay, and cancellation without notice due to, without limitation, capacity, weather, or force majeure. Event details are subject to change. The Released Parties shall have no responsibility or liability for any such changes, delays, or cancellations, and are not responsible or liable for any expenses incurred as a consequence thereof. The Released Parties are not responsible for any travel and/or parking expenses incurred in conjunction with attending Event.