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Fashion Plates

Episode 8: Sure, Frank might not have been the most likeable contestant, but his win was obvious.


I don't have much to say about this week's Signature Dish Challenge except for the fact that Bill Haley was very, very attractive, and seemed like a good guy, so I was pretty sad to see him go. Did I mention how attractive he was?

Anyway, Sharon Robustelli and Frank Otte moved on to the Dinner Party Challenge. The challenge? To create "couture" and "ready-to-wear" dishes for their guests. And while I do love all of our guests, i was pretty happy to see the guys from Dinner Party Download again. I kind of fell in love with them when they guest judged a Top Chef Masters Quickfire Challenge. They're just adorkable. Anywaaay, our two chefs -- Frank and Sharon -- had respective issues to overcome. Sharon had to covercome her slowness. I have to say I really liked her, but watching her cut things drove me insane. I could be way off, but i think if she learned to cut things properly, she'd work faster.

She offered a lot of great dishes, her tuna salad being the star (I, like NIcole Miller, only had tuna salad for the first time the other week!), but, alas, her party fell short. Not only did she work so slowly that her guests had to take their last course to go, but I didn't care for her decor. Jes Gordon had a lot to say about her use of red in her blog this week, but I have to say the thing that really got me were the black feathers on the table. So, Frank certainly won in the decor department. And his dishes went over well too. Despite a blue cheese steak sauce that Rocco didn't care for and a dessert that Nicole didn't care for, all of his other dishes were received well.

I'm sure some viewers out there didn't want Frank to win because of his "douche-like" personality, well, I don't know what to tell you. For a moment I thought Sharon might win because it seemed like the guests had more fun at her party, but I think it was obvious that Frank's party was stronger.

Tell me: which dinner party would you have liked to attend?


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