And The Drama Gets Even Hotter

And The Drama Gets Even Hotter

What does Erika think of Jackie and Rebecca's hookup? Find out!



I never knew that my boss was such a P-I-M-P and is turning straight girls out left and right! Tiffany? I never would have guessed. She is always so shy and reserved at the gym. As the old saying goes, watch out for the quiet ones! I really don't understand why all the trainers are getting their panties in a wad over Rebecca and Jackie hooking up. Leave them alone to do their own thing. I just want to train clients and not get involved in other people's lives. It ain't my business. I do think it is a bit of a risk on Rebecca's behalf because if things were to go wrong, then it could potentially jepordize her job. Sushi Dan was a bit crazy to say the least!



I fully support Greg punching that a#&%@ole in the face who called him a derogatory name. We all know what that name was and if it were me, I would have punched him as well, maybe even harder. I do have to side with Zen on not choosing to go. In those types of situations it is best to have an attorney there, not your friends. You need legal, not emotional support.



Just as I think I am getting over mourning the Doug's loss, I am constantly reminded of what an amazing person he was. The way he spoke to Lori and handled her situation was so thoughtful and genuine. It broke my heart to hear that Lori's father told her that a man would never marry a fat girl. She was in safe hands with Doug and I am so happy that she choose to come to SkySport. It's just a shame that Doug is not here to see progress. All of this in just the third episode, watch what happens!

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