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Hot Garbage

Gregg explains why he hated the mud run!



What up everyone? Is everybody laughing at this week's episode. It was straight up comedy. Oh man ... So allow me to start this week's blog with a little l-o-v-e: What up Dre? He's good. What up Zen (Happy Birthday)? She's great, too. What up Big Sister (Happy Birthday, too)? What up Lisa Skyles? What up naked Rebecca? Concerning Rebecca: I missed a golden opportunity last week to talk about the very sexy Miss Cardon getting really real in a bikini shop somewhere near Pacific Beach and the cameraman getting her mid-change. (What up crew?). Thank God my cute little friend got to sippin' vodka this week. Rebecca is amazing when she drinks, even more when she dances. Those little arms get to moving and she brings sexy back. Becky, I saw you shaking your tig old bitties at that table HA! Get it girl! Also I loved Nessa being 2-Bi, 2-Curious. You are crazy.

Concerning these lovely women about and out on a ship, none of them really drink, sooo things could have gotten a lot weirder. Unfortunately Bravo likes to stay away from TV-MA ratings.

Concerning the Mud Run: I hated this Mud Run. What up to our Camp Pendleton liaison, the Corporal. Get back from Iraq safe, player. The only thing I liked about it was the fact that I would never have to do it again. What they didn't show was that I rolled in from getting my rock star on with no sleep expecting a two-mile fun run or me rolling down the hill. Nope. Wrong. This thing was terrible. I hung with Jesse and JD for about 2.5 miles. Those boys are remarkably light in their loafers. At some point Greg Plitt shows up, too. I say to myself ... "Damn ... I feel like hot garbage". I ran this thing with a little cutie ... What up Kristy? If it wasn't for me, um,  drafting her, I would still be on that f-ing hill. So the scenery was nice. That part wasn't that bad. Brian Peeler ... tsk tsk homey. Next time let's do paint ball or NASCAR or something that makes more sense for your regional vernacular. I'm just used to winning races. Damn ...

What up Erika? First of all that swimsuit was amazing. She is such a hammer. More so than that she is one of the coolest people I know and trust when I tell you I know some Billy Dee Williams type cool cats. It should break my heart to see her upset, but it just reconfirms how much love I have for her. If she was aloof or apathetic about everything I wouldn't have so much respect for her. Also I have a standing invitation for her and I to go to City Hall and let her make an honest man out of me. Maybe next season....

Much love to you guys. What up to the haters. g dot b dot

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