Sell Yourself a Great First Date (Using What We Learned on Sell It Like Serhant)

Sell Yourself a Great First Date (Using What We Learned on Sell It Like Serhant)

Watching this series gave us ideas on how to have fewer lulls and more LOLs on our next date.

By Delaina Dixon

About to go on a first date and nervous about making a lasting impression and, more importantly, scoring another? As long as you're not smarmy about it, pulling off a good first date is kind of like making a sale — and who has perfected the art of the sale better than Million Dollar Listing New York's Ryan Serhant

The broker most recently helped hapless salespeople reach their full(est) potential on Sell It Like Serhant, and we realized his advice on the show can also swing a first date in the right direction. Follow these tips we picked up watching this series, and we’re pretty certain you can close that deal (for a second date), too.

Introduce, Compliment and Hook.

One of the most important lessons Ryan teaches is to connect right away. It can be through a compliment, an interesting fact about yourself or just a great hello — a lesson Frank learned while selling kitchen designs. Make your date feel comfortable and welcomed and you’re already on the right track.

Ask Questions.

Everyone loves to talk about themselves and what’s important to their lives. Ryan taught reticent wine seller Tim to engage with customers by asking questions. It’s a great way to get to know your date when going out for the first time and lets your date know you’re actually interested in his or her life.

Show Some Energy.

No one wants to go out with a dud! Amanda’s robotic sales pitch didn’t help her sell any hot tubs ... and what’s more fun than splashing around in a hot tub? A little enthusiasm goes a long way in showing your date that you’re also excited to be there.

Sell Your Story.

Of course, your date wants to get to know you, too. Just like Frank had to cut down a tree so he could create a narrative to sell kitchen cabinets, you should be ready to share some of your favorite life moments. It will give your date a chance to learn more about you — and keep awkward lulls from entering the conversation.

Close the Deal.

You’ve done everything right on your date, so don’t drop the ball now. Mariel had trouble asking people to sign up for her salon’s montly unlimited waxing membership. If you don’t make it clear you want a second date, your potential mate might not realize you want this to happen a second time. You can keep it light and to the point, and reiterate that you had a great time and you're excited to do it again.

But Don’t Be TOO Pushy.

You want that second date — but being pushy can turn off any potential mate, which was one mistake Erick made when trying to get recent college grads to sign a lease. Back off a bit if your date signals the conversation seems to be going in an uncomfortable direction, and try not to demand a confirmation of that second date while still on the first. No one likes to be pressured into something on the spot. 

And one last thing — don’t chew gum on the date. As Ryan says, it just comes across as rude.

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