Reza and GG Each Share Their Side of the Belize Battle

Reza and GG Each Share Their Side of the Belize Battle

"That dictator who carries the little mustache on his face decided to go against me."

By Andrew Herrmann

Things went from bad to worse between Reza Farahan and Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi during the Shahs' trip to Belize. While atop a beautiful Mayan ruin, the frenemies ended up really laying into each other -- all from Reza asking why Asa wanted to include GG in her couples photo project. Between Reza's dramatic faux faint and GG saying he's not relevant, no one will be "chiming in" on a conversation between these two any time soon. 

So what do Reza and GG think of their Belize blow up now? We've got the answer is The Shahs Come Clean with Nadine after show. Let's start with Reza. He basically summed up why he lost it as follows:

"When we got to the ruins and she's attacking me, telling me I've got nothing going on, literally all I could see was her bullsh-- bitch face telling me [about] her heart. And somehow in my moment of glory I went, 'My heart!' and fell to the ground."

GG on the other hand explains she lost her cool the moment he mentioned her parents:

"This mother f---- wants to really hurt me so badly. Not just call me a whore, or a bitch, or whatever that he's done over the years. But to tell me that something I'm suffering from is a fake thing, and my parents are liars, and the whole thing is a scam? The minute he mentioned he feels sorry for my parents, I lost my s---."

Sounds like these two aren't going to be making up anytime soon... 

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