This is Hardcore

GG discusses her relationship with Mike, Chris, and the Las Vegas bust-up. Talk to us about your relationship with Mike.
Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi: Mike and I have known each other over 15 years, and he was always like a big brother figure for me. He and I are both naturally very flirtatious, so it always gets a little interesting when we're around each other. The most common ground we share is that we both love each other and will always be there for each other. . .no matter what the title of our relationship is. I won't say much, but soon enough everybody will see for themselves how it plays out between us. How would you describe your personal style? How long have you had a stylist for?
GG: I can't really put a label on my personal style. I love, love, love fashion!!! To me fashion is like art. . .It is a form of self-expression. It's always nice to get inspired by others, but you've got to find what works for you and, most importantly, find what makes you feel good. I'm very lucky to have close friends that are also stylists because I can always turn to them for advice. My friend of nearly 20 years, Tahirah Felton, is one of my stylists and is always to my rescue to pull together amazing things for me. Have you always been afraid of flying?
GG: I've been flying for as long as I can remember and was never afraid until the summer of 2005, when a very traumatizing experience took place while flying back to L.A. from London. I remember the captain announcing we were going to experience some turbulence, which never affected me before, so I was fine. But the plane suddenly dropped causing the cabinets to fly open with bags falling all over. The sudden altitude change caused the oxygen masks to drop. Now you're probably thinking that we've all seen the videos to put the mask over your face, but I went into shock mode and began screaming that we're all going to die! Of course after a few minutes we were all back to a safe zone but I was forever scarred. I've been through hypnotherapy and it has helped quite a bit. But if the turbulence gets too much, I lose control. Tell us about the suite in Vegas? Were you impressed with what Reza found for you guys to stay in?
GG: The suite that we stayed in for Reza's bday at the Aria hotel in Las Vegas was beyond gorgeous. Job well done. Tell us some more about Chris.
GG: Chris and I have known each other for a very long time. I could definitely say there was a point in our lives where we were interested in more (like a relationship) but we're very, very different from each other. I will always hold a big place in my heart for him because he's a very special person to me. But at this moment in my life, it's not going to be more than a friendship and maybe playtime (wink wink) when I go to Vegas. LOL! You seemed to be having a hard time relaxing in Vegas. What was holding you back from letting loose?
GG: I was genuinely going to Vegas to celebrate Reza's birthday, as well as get a chance to relax by the pool or at the spa. I don't drink as much as the others, so I guess it just seemed like I was not as happy as the others were. Things also slowly started to shift amongst the others and myself because I was with Chris, and I guess they weren't too thrilled about that. And then. . everything blew up!!! Blew up hard core! Can you give us some back story on you and Anita? Why did you have a problem with her?
GG: I genuinely never had a problem with Anita. Some people have thicker skin than others. I guess this is why I've always had guy friends -- because girls get too emotionally involved when they hear things. I genuinely do like Anita, and I think she's a beautiful woman. I never meant to hurt her feelings. But if you get in my face, be prepared for me to possibly bite. I gave her plenty of chances to lower her voice or walk away and talk to me calmly, but she went forth. . .as did I. Why did you decide to leave the dinner after the fight?
GG: Being at the dinner table was very difficult for me. The showdown at the pool was very intense and I was feeling an overwhelming sense of exhaustion from all the emotions. I was going above and beyond to get a hold of Anita before dinner so we could talk it out. But she wouldn't answer and it made me more frustrated. I had no idea that when I walked up to the dinner table that I was going to feel so hated and left out. People see me as the one who gets feisty and I get quite ghetto at times. But I never react for no reason. So I felt nobody cared to understand that about me. Nobody cared to ask if I was OK. I was singled out, so it was best for me to just remove myself from the dinner table because I didn't want anyone seeing me cry. Can you give us a preview of what happens next?
GG: As you've seen in the previews, I pack up and leave Vegas with no trace left behind. You'll see what happens when the rest get back to LA and the confrontations on "who was the real s--t starter" will begin. Will there be resolution? Will there be more fights? You better watch to find out.

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