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Mike, The Zen Master

Mike was not about to let Omid disrespect his girls like that.

I'm so excited for the dinner party with the Crew. It's been a minute since we had all got together for an intimate gathering. We have so much to catch up on. I love Il Cielo -- perfect place for our "crazy" group to enjoy a quiet romantic dinner. . .NOT!

Some of us decided to invite a guest, to expand our circle to other friends we keep outside the group. I brought Shahrouz my boy since childhood. Reza brought this stunning eccentric Texan Persian Barbie Lilly. . .The girls are going to get jealous over this one, I can feel it. Asa brought her cute girlfriend who is super sweet and quiet. Golnesa brought Omid -- suave, debonaire, charming rockstar. Ya, turned out not to be such a great idea!

The alcohol started flowing, shot after shot and the whiskey definitely made GG and Omid frisky! Although Asa had made a insensitive comment about Omid's nose, that is NO reason for him threaten to slap a woman. I really don't think that she was trying to hurt Omid's feelings. She did say it was a big BEAUTIFUL nose!

I loved the way Lilly put Omid in his place. The girl is super tiny and Omid is almost 6'2". I'm surprised she wasn't intimidated. I was shocked at the way Omid was acting and had to handle the situation. The guy was clearly way too drunk, I thought it was best that I help him leave before anything stupid happened. There is no way I would allow anyone to disrespect my girls like that. I am the zen master, bringing peace and balance to alleviate chaos that is this group.

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