Trying to Check Reza

Trying to Check Reza

Mike thinks Reza is hilarious, but he needs to be nicer to MJ.

"That's a low down monkey with a wig on!"


That's the funniest s--- I have heard.

Reza is so funny. That shit stirring, s--- talking guy is my best friend.

I love him but at times I have to step in and try to check him. He was beating up MJ pretty bad and it was breaking my heart that she couldn't even defend herself. Reza kept calling her a bank robber and a pill popper. MJ was umming and hmming while Reza and Lilly took turns taking stabs at her. Anyways, I do agree that MJ has a drinking problem but never seen her poppin pills. She has taken Ambien in front of me but that's it.

I can't wait to see how all this plays out.

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