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Sammy, The Proverbial Ocotpus

Reza thinks maybe Sammy was trying to pick him up in the club.

By Reza Farahan

This is Why They're Friends

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So I'm not going to lie, seeing the footage of Mexico makes me want to grab MJ and go "mwah mwah mwah." I need to not drink so much, because when I drink I go in people's purses. And I whipped her ID out. . .and her pills. Oh my god I'm probably in the dog house, but I will buy her something cute and kiss her feet and try and make up.

We got wild and crazy. Now you guys know why we're actually friends -- cuz we kick it and we have fun together.

But can we talk about Sammy? He's slightly, kind of, very gross. He was all over anything that would come within 15 feet of him. He was the proverbial octopus. He couldn't drink enough and grab enough. And it was kind of scaring me, cause he did give me the look. And I know it was cuz he was so drunk. He was even looking at me. Eww.

Lilly tried, she really did. She gave it the old college try. It kind of didn't work out, but she was trying to do her best.

There was a tiny, tiny part of me that wished I could have been a fly on the wall at GG's event. So I could kick it with Jenna Jameson, 'cuz I want to ask her like four million questions, and she's pretty hot. She is like a white GG, I mean a white Lilly. Kind of crazy.

I'm not understanding the whole Alex and Omid thing. That was kind of weird. But other than that, this was a really fun episode. I loved it. Call me. See you guys next week.

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