Mike: Master Negotiator

Mike: Master Negotiator

Mike explains why a bus wrap is important to his business.

Negotiating is in my blood! I'm a Persian Jew... it's what my DNA is made up of. The more you save, the more you have. The bus wrap is an awesome idea -- it will generate the buzz that I want. $35,000 to have my face, website, and Twitter handle driven around all the affluent areas in Souther California is a small price to pay for the amount of publicity it brings in!

Reza should take note on how a real businessman negotiates! He's too busy fooling MJ into going camping with him and his Gucci loafers though. Poor MJ -- he could of at least told her to bring some comfortable clothes. She's such a good sport to put up with his BS!

GG and her family shocked me with how comfortable they seem with roughing it. That's awesome! GG knows her way around the campsite. I was very impressed at how easily and quickly she got the tent up. You go girl!

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