Recap: Always a Lady

Recap: Always a Lady

Ep 10: MJ's red hat was the one who really suffered in the GG/MJ debacle.

Just when I thought GG was on her best behavior, she had to go and “tag” MJ’s hat and screw it all up…but we’ll get to that in a few.

Coming off last week’s episode, Mike surely did have to play the remember game. How many times have you had to do that in your life? I can remember one, and it involved mooning a crowd at a comedy club, but that’s a whole other story.

First let’s talk about Asa trying to get GG and MJ to make nice. Her attempt at being the peacemaker really went a long way by the end of the episode…NOT. But we learned two things, they’re going to Turkey and that Asa only likes French feta cheese. To each their own.

They should have titled this episode, “If MJ had a Crystal Ball,” because I’m sure she probably wouldn’t have invited everyone to Del Mar. Listen, she brought it upon herself, minus Chocolate Croissant gate, or as Reza and MJ call it, “cwassant.” France thanks you. No really, they do…Merci!

Before we get to Del Mar and the hat “tagging,” let’s talk about this famous buttery chocolate cwassant for a minute. Mike, under no circumstances should you EVER tell a girl she doesn’t need to eat something. Just because you think it, doesn’t mean you should say it, honey. He crossed the line at “cwassant,” but then kept it going when naming off her cookie and a bag of chips she ate the day before. Mike, don’t you have better things to do like buying your girlfriend a ring over keeping tabs on MJ’s food journal?

A two-hour limo ride to the racetrack wasn’t all a fail, Mike and Reza finally made up. Let’s see how it holds ups. GG and MJ on the other hand…?!?

Thankfully, GG is always a lady and even walks with her legs crossed.


I don’t know if two-dollar champagne was your problem, GG. I’m pretty sure it’s alcohol, period. MJ should also take note here.

The real question is, can these two girls NOT get along??? MJ just taunts GG and knows how to push her buttons. And GG takes the bait almost every time.

So the big question that GG posed was, “That’s laying a hand on you or your hat?”


GG, that’s a good question. I don't know if you skimmed MJ while tagging her hat, but I’d be more worried about her red hat pressing charges. I don’t know about you, but I’ve already filed a restraining order against that red hat. It’s not allowed within 100 yards from me.

Meanwhile, as GG was yelling, MJ kept screaming, “Get out of the way, get out of the way!” Thanks, Ludacris.

Bottom line is these girls are hurt and out of control. GG feels injustice, and MJ keeps pushing GG’s buttons. True, GG needs to control her rage, but MJ really needs to get it under control, take responsibility, and straighten up. It’s getting old on both their parts. If she would have just apologized for Sean when she was supposed to, these two girls wouldn’t be here. You can see GG is in pain.

If this is how they were in Del Mar, which is about two hours from L.A., I’d hate to see how they are in Turkey which is about 6,800 miles away and 15 hours on a plane. These girls are in troubs.

Honestly, I’d rather be hanging out with Lilly and her shoe and foot boogers than be in a room full of fighting.
And before I close this recap, I’d like to thank Asa for the creative fashion she brings us each week…


I guess you never know when a parrot may land on you. I’m glad she came prepared.

See you next week!

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