Asa: Mike Was a Bit Crunk

Asa: Mike Was a Bit Crunk

Asa dishes on her mom's cat lady antics and Mike's behavior. Did you have any hesitations having your parents move in with you?
Asa Soltan Rahmati: I'm such a dreamer. I have always had a Utopian idea of owning a huge organic ranch and having my family live in a house on the same property, eating together and cooking together.

So I totally convinced them that instead of a hotel, they should obviously move into my house! I was so excited for my family to move in with me for two months during the renovation of their house.

Well, let's just say that's not at all how it went down when the self proclaimed "cat lady" (my Mami Joon) moved in. LOL! The cats took over and every day was a lamb fest. I had a feast for literally every meal of the day and instead of hitting the gym, I hung out with my family at home. Um, you can imagine the rest. Has your mom always been a big cat lover?
ASR: My Mom has always been a huge cat lover. She loves animals in general and is a major supporter of various animal rights organizations. Hence the thousand cat calendars and "I love my pets" magnets.

I love the fact that my Mom calls herself a "cat lady" -- she literally thinks it's a cute compliment. I love my Mom. She is crazy. Were you surprised by Mike's behavior and confrontation with Bobby?
ASR: Mike was a bit crunk, but he had a lot to drink that night on an empty stomach and that sometimes happens. We are a group of alphas and sparks can fly.


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