GG: I Was Genuinely Concerned About Mike

GG: I Was Genuinely Concerned About Mike

GG reveals how she met Asifa and weighs in on the MIke and Bobby battle. Why did you and your ex break up?

GG: Fortunately, I ended things with my ex before we moved in together. He and I were abnormally opposite, and not in a good way. I guess one day I woke up and realized it was a dead end relationship, and I parted ways with him. But at least he found a great apartment for me before we broke up! Hahaha! How did you and Asifa meet?

GG: I'm not really even sure how Asifa and I met each other. We have many friends in common, so I'm sure it happened through one of them. What was going through your mind during Mike and Bobby's confrontation?

GG: When Mike blew up on Bobby, I was genuinely concerned. Mike was very intoxicated and was not able to realize how crazy he was coming off, and Bobby was not just going to sit back and get mistreated. I didn't want them fighting, so I was very nervous as to what was going to happen.

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