MJ: The Party Was Exactly What Reza Wanted

MJ: The Party Was Exactly What Reza Wanted

MJ shares wild stories from Reza's secret bachelor party.

Ay, yi, yi! The bachelor party was exactly what Reza wanted and needed. His turn up was real, and although I tease about "sex in the champagne room," I just wanted to make sure it a night that Reza would remember, and I didn't want him to be bored or under whelmed. The craziest part was Reza during the drag show, taking over the stage in the middle of the performance. I think that we were borderline going to get jumped for disrupting the show, but he was like a little kid in Disneyland -- he had no ill will, and there was actually an innocence about the shenanigans. I mean it.

The morning after was the day of reckoning. As part of Reza's wish to have separate bachelor parties, I knew it wasn't the perfect plan, as it was not the party that Adam and Asa wanted, but off we go to Malibu. When Reza told Asa how hungover he was, I didn't make an issue out of him telling her, because he felt like death warmed over and we weren't planning to take it to the grave. Reza also wanted his gay friends to attend because it might not have been his straight guy friends’ cup of tea. At the end of the day, it wasn't his stag party, and not about me or Asa.

Here's some back ground story on the beef between GG and Asifa. The issue building up over the summer with Asifa has to do with a girl Bobby dated. I did not yet know that Asifa has a history of an erratic relationship with her boyfriend. All I saw was a beautiful woman and her boyfriend, who seemed happy, at least on the surface. The next thing I know, she’s blowing up at her boyfriend about sleeping with one of her friends. I was shocked to learn that Asifa was with another man while claiming this was a girl Bobby cheated on her with. Subsequent incidents of her public outbursts made me feel empathy for Asifa, because she seemed unstable to me. I kept my distance from the issues she had with her man. Unfortunately, this is not the last time Asifa tries to manipulate people into turning on each other over something that has nothing to do with any of us. I feel badly for anyone in an abusive relationship cycle. Both Bobby and Asifa deserve better.

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