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MJ: We Need to Look Out for Eachother

MJ shares her thoughts on the confrontation with Asa and Asifa.

By Mercedes "MJ" Javid Were your surprised Asa and Asifa confronted you?
MJ: This reunion was very different for me, different from any other reunion. I am a very different person from who I was before, in the sense that I have dealt with a lot of life challenges and goals head on. I enjoy the benefits of being in therapy regularly and find myself becoming a better person and finding my voice. Having said that, when I was confronted by Asa, I was not surprised that we had issues to resolve between us, but I was surprised and disappointed in hearing Asa's choice of words. I felt that chalking it up to being "shady" was not the productive approach that I expected from Asa. Although I consider her to be a great communicator when the issue is between our friends, when the issue is between us, I think we have communication failure. My position is to take accountability in understanding situations between us. I ' want to be dismissive to my friends' feelings ever again. I also don't want her to feel that I'm an amazing sister, but one who might say or do something that hurts her around the next turn. I do want to have productive, honest, and vulnerable discussions. What I've learned is that if any of us are holding anything back whatsoever, then we can't truly get to the grit of our issues. Bottom line, we are passionate Persians, we are stubborn, and most of the time unaware of how stubborn. I know we have a lot of pride, but we have even more love in our hearts, which trumps everything. I feel like we really need to look out for each other, and I feel that we will continue to do so.

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Is Mercedes Too Shady?

When Asifa confronted me I was not surprised, because she has behaved impulsively and erratically toward me numerous times in the past. I think her issues and behavior stem from deeper issues that are beyond her peers' control. I believe only she can help herself, with an expert, who she hopefully chooses to seek out. How is Toya doing?
MJ: On to a lighter subject, the new addition to my little family. Toya is a little terror and a bundle of energy and love. Pablo passed exactly a year ago, and I really wanted Julio to have a partner in crime, as puppies are pack animals. I feel blessed to have found an addition that is such a great fit for Julio, but don't get it twisted, Toya continues to be a lot of work!

MJ's Dog's Connection to 'Married to Medicine' What went through your mind when GG accused Mike of sleeping with her sister?
MJ: I can't answer that question without spoiling Part 2 of the reunion, but you will definitely know what was going through my mind when you read my next blog.

Did Mike Sleep with GG's Sister?

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