Reza: Mike Chooses to Victimize Himself

Reza Farahan shares his thoughts on why things got so bad with Mike Shouhed's wife, Jessica. How did you feel about MJ's breakup with Charlie?
Reza Farahan: I was thrilled. Although MJ was happy for a short time, he was cheating on her, which is obviously unacceptable, and he just wasn't good enough for my girl. MJ deserves the whole package, and Charlie was dishonest about who he was and what he was doing. Do you think you can come to a resolution with Mike and Jessica?
RF: I think that if Mike adopted a more productive way of communicating "crew" issues with Jessica, all of us could have a better relationship with her. Unfortunately, Mike usually chooses to victimize himself when he tells stories, and of course she'll feel for him and villainize us. As far as Mike is concerned, we'll always work to mend our friendship.

Reza Goes Off on Jessica
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RF: The reunion got ugly, but all of us had things to get off of our chests. It was a purge and that had to happen to enable us to take the first steps towards a resolution.

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