Why GG Gharachedaghi Lost 17 Pounds Using Cannabis — Even Though She’s “Always Eating”

Why GG Gharachedaghi Lost 17 Pounds Using Cannabis — Even Though She’s “Always Eating”

The Shahs of Sunset cannabis entrepreneur opens up about munchies and unexpected side effects.

By Alesandra Dubin

Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi, who has been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, launched her new cannabis business, WüSah, after the trade became legal in California. Not just a business venture, GG's interest in cannabis is a lifestyle. 

At the Shahs of Sunset reunion taping in Los Angeles, GG told us how the lifestyle affects her diet. "You know, I'm a cannabis consumer," she told The Feast. "So, with that being said, I’m always eating."

So how does that work, without packing on the pounds? "You learn how to regulate your munchies," she told us.

And GG revealed she has perhaps the most virtuous munchie craving ever. "Watermelon," she said. "I swear — there’s something about watermelon when you’re stoned when it’s super sweet and ice cold. It’s just heaven."

So no cravings for, like, Flamin' Hot Cheetos then?


"No. That’s just like a regular day. I mean, look at me!" she told us, gesturing to the snack spread surrounding her in her hair and makeup chair. "I got my chips right here — it’s just regular for me."

Surprisingly, GG told The Feast that she actually lost weight when she adopted the cannabis lifestyle. "I lost 17 pounds when I got a strict cannabis diet," she told us. "Everything became regulated. Appetite-suppressant strains were helping me because I was on a lot of steroids for my medication process and my disease; the steroids make you really big and it makes you hold onto a lot of water. I was huge, I was bloated — and the cannabis really just kinda calmed my body down and got me on track. So now it’s like my eating is on track, it’s at [reasonable, predictable] times of the day — it’s more disciplined."

In short, GG's found cannabis to be a life-changer. "Your mood stabilizers have been activated, you know, so everything’s cooler, everything’s funnier, everything’s prettier, the music sounds better, food tastes better."

Especially watermelon.

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