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Reza Farahan Reveals He's Lost 48 Pounds — And His Fridge Is Full of Cristal, Cottage Cheese... and Cartier

The Shahs of Sunset pal continues to lose weight... in the most Reza Farahan way ever.

By Alesandra Dubin

Shahs of Sunset's disciplined Reza Farahan lost 40 pounds last year — and he's still losing: In fact, he told us he's up to about 48 pounds of weight loss by now! We already know he cites carrots as among his most essential diet foods... but what exactly is in Reza's fridge to keep him going through his busy days without backsliding? Well, that's where things get interesting.

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Reza took some time out from his prep on the morning of the Shahs reunion in Los Angeles and dished to The Feast. "I'm waiting for the next two [pounds of weight loss and then I'm] gonna have to switch my hashtag from 'a b---- lost 40 pounds' to 'a b---- lost 50 pounds!'"

But he does confess to some serious cheat moments — like when the Shahs hit the county fair... and when he had to relax his diet to honor his third anniversary with husband Adam Neely earlier this month.

"He loves anything peanut butter, so I got him fresh-made peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies... I got him eclairs, I got him chocolate cake... and a bunch of other things that looked really good that I don’t know the name of," Reza told us, "I went to this really cool bakery called Porto's in Burbank that he really loves."

And where did Reza stash all those goodies to surprise his husband? Well, in the fridge — alongside a different kind of treat. Specifically, the kind of treat that comes in a Cartier box. So, when Adam opened the fridge, he discovered his special gift. And yes, it went over well: "Boom!" Reza said.

So what else is in Reza's fridge? Well, let him break it down: "So, literally 50 percent of the fridge is Cristal and Dom Perignon... and the rest of it is like water, cottage cheese, string cheese, grapes, apples, and like healthy s---. Literally half of the fridge is stuffed with champagne, just because we give it, we get it, we’re drinking it all the time."

Reza says the name of the game is balance — and a bit of prep. "The day before [a splurge-worthy occasion] — like I knew I was going to the county fair, so the day before I was eating chicken breast, egg whites, rice cakes, carrot sticks, and water. And the the day after, I’m eating chicken breast, carrots sticks, egg whites, and water. So it’s just about like not turning the county fair into like a two-day thing, one-week thing... or for the rest of the month."

Excellent advice! Now pass the Cartier.

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