The Hair Art Challenge

The Hair Art Challenge

Find out what Roy Teeluck thought of the "hair art" challenge.


Hi there, I'm Roy Teeluck. I've been a hair stylist for over two decades and worked with icons, celebrities and beautiful women from London to Los Angeles, New York to Paris. I have my own salon in New York City, the Roy Teeluck Salon, where I see most of my regular clients, but I frequently travel to work on fashion shows, photo shoots and celebrity award shows. I've been the Nexxus® Salon Hair Care lead stylist for a couple of years, which keeps me pretty busy and got me involved with BRAVO's Shear Genius. I'll be on the show each week, providing tips for proper hair care, innovative styling and explaining how you can all emulate the frequently extravagant styles that you see in the challenges.

In addition to the prize money furnished by Nexxus and the spread in Allure, the winner of the show will also have the opportunity to work as my apprentice. So, obviously, I'm taking an interest in the competition too! I'm excited to see that we have such a great variety of contestants. They're from almost all the corners of the world, and they all have their own unique approach. It's anybody's game, so we'll see how things develop. What took me by surprise in this week's episode was the asymmetric theme that showed up in the "short cut" challenge. We don't see many asymmetrical looks in high-end hair - those are the styles you see in Manhattan's East Village and London's Soho. There were some really great cuts in there though, and styling on a mannequin is not an easy task.

This week's elimination challenge was "hair art," and it was nice to see them be adventurous and use their scissors on real hair - too bad some people really missed the point on this one. The idea wasn't to shock, but rather, to stretch the imagination to where people would either be amused or surprised when they saw it. The way Theodore used the treasure box was really creative, and when it opened, everybody's eyes just popped. He understood the challenge. Paul-Jean could have done a lot more than just strap on those two wigs, and for entertainment value, it would have been fun to see him stay longer. As for the other contestants, nobody is walking away from the first episode too badly bruised. I'm excited to see what Dr. Boogie will do next. His hair was really well executed and not too abstract. I liked what Sally said about his knack for neatness. Clippers are an interesting choice to work with, and he has a lot of potential.

Well, that's all for now, but check my blog regularly for my thoughts on the challenges, the contestants, the styles and the behind-the-scenes drama! Also be sure to tune in next week when I appear as a guest judge for the Nexxus Dream Celebrity Hair Challenge on the April 18th episode. Until then...

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