The Long And Short Of It

The Long And Short Of It

Rene Fris gives the stylists a 10 this week. Find out why.


I have to give all the contestants a 10 on this one because it was an impossible situation. I really felt for them. There is only so much that you can do with hedge clippers, box cutters and the like. I really don't agree with Sally that you can cut hair with anything. That said -- everyone did an amazing job despite the fact that almost everyone went for the same length around the shoulders. It would have been nice to see them go crazy by going really short. They had so much freedom and no one took a huge risk. I do wish there had been a trendy sporty short cut.

Tyson's cut was a real challenge for him and he did some nice work. He did have a strategy and tried to give her more of a sophisticated look. She definitely walked out of there with a classier look. He probably went the shortest out of all the contestants. rene_103_03_320x240.jpg

Boogie cut a lot off -- but it was a simple classic look that could have been more fun. The cut wasn't quite right for her face shape. He should have broken up the front with more layers because it would have lifted her face and opened her up a little more. Overall, it was a good strong outside line but Boogie really needs to start taking some risks. rene_103_04_320x240.jpg

I really liked the color that Danna did. It was beautiful and had a lot of dimension. She cut off a lot but her model had quite a long neck that she could have accented more with a shorter cut. It did look a bit heavy and if she had taken some of the layers down it would have given it a smoother look. She also should have put in some bangs to make it a bit edgier. The color, though, was phenomenal. rene_103_07_320x240.jpg

I was so nervous about Evangelin using those hedge clippers, I honestly couldn't look at her progress too much. I liked the overall look. She really pulled it off with the hedge clippers. She couldn't go in to the detailing with a tool like that. I liked that she broke up the bangs so we saw more of her model's pretty face. rene_103_09_320x240.jpg

Theodore's model had a LOT of hair. He wasted his time on the color and in the end it was too reddish in the roots and not as bright overall as he wanted. I would have gone shorter with the length on his model. He was under pressure at the end of the challenge and it was too fluffy and unfinished and there was no structure to it. rene_103_11_320x240.jpg

Ben had an absolutely gorgeous model. Instead of going shoulder length, I wish Ben had gone shorter and edgier. It was a big transformation and the golden color he added went great with her skin tone. I liked it, but it was safe and it didn't wow me. rene_103_13_320x240.jpg

Daisy's style was shoulder length and funky towards the front because of the pieces. I wanted to see more of her model's face. Daisy really handled the box cutter well, though. rene_103_15_320x240.jpg

Anthony's client was definitely satisfied and I really liked his work on this one. There was a style to it, it had layers, it was very finished work, and it really suited her face. This was a big transformation and it was a cute haircut for her. rene_103_17_320x240.jpg

Tabatha should have listened more to her client. In our job, we have to listen to the clients. She chose to argue with her. She did do a nice job, especially in light of her very blunt tool, but it was shoulder length again. She put some great layers in the back and got a lot of volume into the top. rene_103_19_320x240.jpg

Theodore has a great imagination and a healthy vision of himself. I know he has a promising career ahead of him. Good luck to you, Theodore!

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