Tyson And Tabatha

Tyson And Tabatha

Sally's rules for wedding day hairstyling.


I liked this challenge because we really got to see how the stylists were able to work with one another as a team. When you work in a salon it is all about teamwork; everyone needs to work together to get your client out the door looking his or her best.

Although Tyson and Tabatha were able to pull it out in the short cut challenge, earning $700, they also showed us it was an illusion and that things were about to get ugly.

You should NEVER let a client think you are unhappy with your staff, especially on their wedding day. I can't believe they fought in front of the bride and her family. Unacceptable! They would be fired from my salon and they were.

It's getting down to the wire and things are getting "hairy" so be sure to tune in next week!

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