Wedding-Day Blues

Wedding-Day Blues

Michael Carl on the wedding challenge.

Talk about twists -- this week's wedding-day hair challenge had more than a Hitchcock thriller. First the stylists had to create a look for the bride, and then one of her bridesmaids and her mother to boot. Then the stylists were put into teams -- selected by Tyson since he'd won the last challenge. Nothing about it spelled matrimonial bliss.

Daisy and Anthony might not have realized they'd make a great team, but their sweetness and eagerness to please proved to be a huge advantage -- especially when dealing with a stressed-out bride. Beyond that, everything they did was perfection. The bride looked stunning -- her hair pulled into a beautiful roll just above the nape of her neck.

Sally mentioned Grace Kelly and I was thinking the same thing -- with the bride's simple dress, she out-shone everyone. Even the bridesmaid's updo was pretty, with loops in back. michael_106_02_320x240.jpg

The mother of the bride had the most amazing transformation: they colored her grey hair just enough and the cut made her beam -- her huge smile was contagious. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the bride hired Anthony and Daisy to do the actual wedding.

I love Ben and Boogie, but did you catch my expression when the trio walked out? The bride looked like she had lumps on her head. And this was a bride who wanted to wear her hair down. And it seemed like Boogie was on one bad ego trip and ignored her and the fact that she was right -- her hair would have looked gorgeous down if he'd just added a few extensions.

Then there was the bridesmaid, who looked better than the bride -- pretty much nothing worse than that. And finally there was the mother of the bride, who should have been shedding tears -- but definitely not of joy. Boogie kinked-up her hair then swept it to one side, Debbie-Gibson style. The whole thing was tragic.

Tabatha and Tyson are really talented - that's why Tyson selected Tabatha as his partner, after all -- so I was expecting great things from them. But they couldn't get past their apparent hatred for each other. The hair was a mess: the updo Tabatha created for the bride was too big -- it really did look like she'd forgotten to take out the giant Velcro rollers. Tyson's French twist for the matron of honor was helmet-like. And the mother of the bride had bad highlights that reminded me of a girl in my 8th grade class. None of it was good. michael_106_05_320x240.jpg

But, in my opinion, none of it was as bad as Ben and Boogie's either. For once I felt like Tabatha -- pissed off -- because once the votes were tallied, Tabs and Tyson were on the losing end. So now we're down to the final four. I'm going to get a glass of Pinot Noir to calm myself down. Oh, who am I kidding, I'm going to go through the whole bottle. See you on the stool next week (I promise, I'll be sober.)

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