Your Most Important Day

Your Most Important Day

Rene's thoughts on Tabatha's surprise elimination.

First I have to say that the most important thing on your most important day is the timeless picture. And that's the first thing you need to talk about with the client as a hairdresser. And I have to say that normally, a hairdresser has a rehearsal to try out the style with the bride, so I have to give the contestants credit for doing it right then and there with a 3 hour time limit. With weddings, your picture captures the moment forever. You can't go too trendy and you can't make the bride look unrecognizable. Romantic and upscale is the way to go for bridal hair.

Tabatha's bridal hair was just too high. It wouldn't have been a problem if there hadn't been the contrast of that flat band across the front and then really high curls in back. It was two different styles that weren't connected. There was no blending between the two styles.

There was no doubt about the French twist being problematic. It wasn't combed out well especially in light of all the time Tyson spent on it and even still Tabatha had to fix it for him. I just don't know what happened. I know Tyson could do it but maybe Tabatha's controlling nature made him nervous and he couldn't relax.

The truth is, Tyson tried to be a team player and Tabatha didn't. They let the clients see how they felt about each other. It's the bride's day, she and her bridal party need to be comfortable. The mom's hair was an afterthought almost. They used too much time on the bride and maid of honor.

Daisy knows about teamwork and how to manage time. Anthony was being more of an assistant to Daisy. It's not that he couldn't do it but he followed Daisy's lead on this one. And that was smart of him because it is clear that Daisy is the perfect stylist to do wedding hair.

Their balance of simplicity, classic looks and timelessness was perfection. Their styles were clean, neat, soft and romantic. It helped a lot that they were all blonds. The mom looked great. The clients had fun and they looked great and that is exactly what you want. Daisy really is the strongest at updos.

Boogie was running the show for his team. I don't know if Ben could have done it on his own because he is weak with updos. Anthony assisted Daisy but Ben really was an assistant to Boogie. Ben wanted to color the mom in the last hour, despite being under time pressure, and thankfully Boogie put a stop to that. Their bridal party all had dark hair and like I've said, dark hair doesn't show delicate details but it does show mistakes. The bride's hair was too big and stylized.

It was very clean and beautiful but it wouldn't make a timeless picture. The bride wanted to wear her hair down and Boogie shouldn't have focused on impressing the judges. He should have listened to the bride. He should have taken a risk with the bridesmaid. They should have switched the bride's hair with the bridesmaid who looked beautiful. They were lucky that they didn't get eliminated and it was a tough call.

Ben spent an hour on the mom's hair only to have Boogie go back in and redo it. There was no balance. It looked like it was falling down on one side. But once again Boogie's explanation took him farther than his execution. It was just too much for me.

What can I say about Tabatha and Tyson being eliminated? It was a big surprise, that's for sure. They are both extremely talented stylists. It was a damn shame.

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