Big Red, Big Win

Big Red, Big Win

Dee Adams is Shear Genius! How does she feel?

4/11/08 Oh my God! Final three!

I have my story for tomorrow: a young girl aspiring to be a famous DJ! Her passion is mine! She's always been different from the rest because she's a red head, the middle child of three. Her friends and family call her "little red." She moves to NY at the age of 18. She is always hiding behind her headphones because that was the only place everything makes sense. She begins her journey by mixing and DJing in local NY night clubs and wears her hair extremely edgy and funky to express herself as an artist. Her music became contagious in the dance scene in NY City. She begins her musical journey traveling all over the country and lands her first big break at age 30, at a music conference in Miami Beach, FL with the release of her first single, "Red."

The CD cover is simply titled "Red." She wears a very sexy, yet modern cut. After her big break, she becomes a famous music producer working with some of the most famous music entertainers in the world. By the age of 45 she has gone through two divorces and has raised three children. Her career is very demanding and she has little time for hair maintenance, but still is true to "red." Her cut is sassy, sexy and practical.

She is a woman on the go and has little time to fuss with her hair. Still true to being "red," her visit to the salon is about maintenance. At the age of 65 she is having a hard time accepting being called Grandma. So even her grandchildren all her "momma red." This chick still has rock and roll in her. She will never age and always wears her hair "age appropriate." She wears her hair fire red and is proud to be who she is and will wear red 'til she dies!  That was F------ INTENSE! What a massive adrenalin rush! I kicked ass today. I really hope that the judges love it because I gave it my all! I have a splitting headache and I'm shaking. Four models in three hours! I did it! My red heads rocked!!! More to come..

.  I WON!! I'M A SHEAR GENIUS! This is the happiest day of my LIFE!!! My Mom is going to be so proud! I KNEW I would be the next shear genius!

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