Early Standouts

Early Standouts

Jaclyn points out who she thinks we should watch this season.

What were your thoughts upon meeting the stylists?

The stylists seemed like a group that had a very defined personality; they all seemed to have a camaraderie that I liked. They were enthusiastic, with a strong point of view.

What did you think of the Short Cut Challenge, when the stylists had to work on their clients while blindfolded?

It sort of scared me. I should have run around with Band-Aids because people were cutting themselves. I thought the clients were very daring to let someone cut their hair blindfolded.

Any contestants stand out?

Dee's eyes stood out. Her smile and enthusiasm were contiguous.

What did you think of the Elimination Challenge?

I loved Parker's take on Betty Boop -- it was very great period piece. I love costume parties -- I love Halloween -- so any time there is a chance to re-create a character I love it. It was a fun challenge that was very creative.

Did you agree with the voting?

It's always a difficult thing for me.... Oshun had two bad days in a row, but he has talent. It was difficult for me to see someone go away after two losses -- you didn't get to see his true talent.

Any parting words for Oshun?

You are talented to have made it here. Don't judge your future in two days -- everyone has a bad day, and unfortunately, you had two in a row.

Any predictions for the rest of the competition?

It's going to be a tough race, because all of these stylists are very talented. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses. It's all going to depend on the challenges. Dee stood out because of her energy and smile. Glenn exuded confidence. But I think they were all equally talented, and they were a strong group... Time will tell.

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