Episode Two

Episode Two

Dee Adams' diary all about the second episode.

3/17/08 What an exciting day! This s**t just gets better! Today we went to Paramount Pictures and filmed the commercial! I really felt like a star!  Everybody was making such a big deal over us. Makeup, hair, action! I acted a fool! Just me baby, being silly, having fun. Man this life is changing!

3/18/08 Today was another short cut challenge, but for real "short cut." We had to take our clients from long to short creating a flirting sexy look. So the top two were Charlie and Nicole. I was pretty confident that I had a great chance to win, but Charlie stepped up his game and hit a homerun. That's OK -- at least I wasn't in the bottom two. Poor Paulo and Nakisa -- they were the bottom two. Nakisa lost though. Tabatha was the judge and was ruthless! I felt so bad for Nakisa ... I need to step it up tomorrow!

3/19/08 What the f**k! Parker just got illuminated! I don't get it! Today was the makeover of the Real Housewives of Orange County Gail, Paulo, and Parker were in the bottom three. Parker was so much better than the other two. Paul made no change and the hair looked like sh*t! Gail's was boring and flat! Parker at least had shine and polish! So what the f**k!  OK, on the brighter side, I was in the top three. Yeah!!! It was me, Charlie, and Glenn. Of course Charlie won -- I got to look out for that bitch. He's got talent!

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