Five Lil' Duckies Left

Five Lil' Duckies Left

Nicole Obert defends her "stripey" color job.

Short Cut Challenge #7 Natural Product

Susan was my model. I mixed caramel and sugar. Made no shape, because I had no inspiration. I lost.

Elimination #7 Man's Best Friend

Today, we were taken to a park. Rene was there and introduced us to our clients...DOGS! OK--I'm not a groomer, but this could be fun! Paulo got first pick, then I got second! I picked Hulu (which I found out later means peaches!) Then we found out we had to make the owners look like their dogs. WTF challenges are getting CRAZY! So, I cut 17 inches off of Betsey's hair ( I took a RISK!) gave her some highlights, like Hulu, and a nice side swept bang. Kim Vo said my color looked stripey! Besides that I got good reviews, but wound up in the middle. Dee finally won for her every challenge bob with bangs and AL FALFAS! I don't know how much of a compliment that challenge win really is! Making you client look like their dog? Take it Dee! Nekisa went home. BYE BATS! She was pissing me off for a while there, but she's so beautiful inside and out and she has such a great heart. And I know that she really loves people. I'm going to miss her. Five little duckies left in the pond... RECAP! I came in this show to prove to the world the young hairdressers have talent too. I never in a million years thought I would make it this far! Are you serious? I'm in the top fu***** five! It's been hard, not talking to my friends and family. Putting my entire focus on this competition has made me go a little nuts. I wanted to go home at first, but now my eye in definitely on the prize. I have a one in five chance of winning $100,000 dollars. God knows I need it. Get your head in the game Nicole. Finish what you started, and it's yours!

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