Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty

Is Jaclyn Smith happy with the final four? Find out.

What are some great 'natural' hair products?

I would definitely use olive oil. Also, mayonnaise or vinegar to condition. Lemon juice is fun as well to bring out the gold highlights. I'm a believer in natural products.

Are there products one should never put in their hair?

I don't like to put harsh chemicals in my hair. I read every label because the more natural the product, the better. I don't like a lot of alcohol in my hair and a lot of products have alcohol. I try to use it very minimally.

Should an owner ever trim their dog's hair?

Sure! I trim mine and I'm good! If you have a knack for it, go for it. I love to cut my royal poodle's face, especially around the eyes. It depends on the dog, but it's up to the owner. You can always have the mistakes fixed.

What's the best way to do it?

Using scissors. Be careful and get a pair of blunt scissors.

Do you have any parting words for Nekisa?

I loved the way you touched your client's hair, there was a gracefulness and gentle touch that I'm sure your clients will always appreciate. I could tell you love what you do. Even though your emotion sometimes got the best of you, you never gave up, which is a quality I admire.

Are you happy with the final four?

Yes. Each have very strong and unique personalities and it's very obvious when they take on a challenge. They're not interchangeable and they always stand true to themselves in what they want. I'm very happy to see each of them here and being that they're all extremely talented, it will be interesting to see what sets the winner apart.

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