There You Go

There You Go

Roy Teeluck's final thoughts on Dee's Shear Genius win.

Well, there you go, everyone. Another stylist walked away with the Shear Genius title and enough money to really get a jump-start in the business. I can't imagine how hard it is for the judges to make a decision at this level of the competition because all three of the contestants did outstanding in this week's episode. Dee did outperform Charlie and Nicole though, so I think she deserved that win. Four clients in three hours seems overwhelming, but you've got to be able to work under conditions like that if you want a spot in a high-end salon. Finding that thread of commonality between each client makes it harder, but that could easily be the theme of a magazine photo shoot. You just have to be prepared, and as frantic as the contestants seemed during their three hours, I think they were prepared.

Charlie's work, as usual, was quite good, but it lacked the panache that Dee had. The focus wasn't as tight as it needed to be, and I think that he could have stood to spice things up a bit. Nicole was the underdog, clearly, but she did so well! At only 24, I think this is an amazing experience for her. She has the talent, and she certainly doesn't lack taste, so she's now positioned herself for an incredible career. Dee's success in the final challenge was two-fold on account of her 60-year-old client being so thrilled with her look. What a way to finish! Those youthful red curls, something you could get with Nexxus Alluring Curls, looked fantastic. She couldn't have had a better way to cap off the season.

So where do we go from here? Dee is going to use that money and the Nexxus apprenticeship, along with her impressive management and organizational skills, to open a salon in Miami. That's most stylists' dream. As for Charlie and Nicole and every other contestant we met this season they just need to stay focused on their crafts. Ride the wave of attention and new clients you get from this experience, keep those attitudes in check and, most importantly, enjoy the wonderful moment of success. Thanks for reading everyone!

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