Time to Up Their Game

Time to Up Their Game

Orlando thinks it's that point of the competition where the stylists really need to put their best style forward.

The biggest surprise of all this week is Brian hiding those great styles he created to win not one but both challenges in this episode. I hope this is something he continues to wow us with the rest of the season. After all, being Shear Genius also means being consistently great with every hairstyle you create. I loved seeing that the judging got tougher too. Tabatha was great in pointing out the details that didn't add up to great looks on the bridesmaids. All
those hairdressers know very well that when doing these kind of contemporary hairstyles every aspect has to be perfect, starting with texture. When Brig started to argue with Tabatha about not giving up on her client, she totally was, and if she wasn't, her hairstyle certainly looked like she was. I wonder if Brig was judging a competition and someone showed her that style how she would judge it. Straightening hair is "Hairdressing 101." I wouldn't be surprised if non-hairdresser viewers at home could do a better job of straightening hair than Brig did. Tabatha was totally right to get on her case.

Now speaking of giving up, I think that is what ultimately sent Adee home this week. Each week he had some story of why his work could have been better and wasn't up to par. On this challenge though he really gave up and didn't try to convince his client to try some kind of style that she might not have thought of. You have to propose different suggestions of what could look great. Obviously she wasn't willing to try very much and here is where his British charm and wit should have helped him. Instead, he let her unwillingness to try anything get the better of him. Shame, I think he had something amazing to show us in this competition and that kind of never really happened. I guess it was his turn to go.

I loved this wedding competition. It was the real thing and was very moving to see the joy in that reception room. I think having to do hair, for the competitors, while a real wedding is going on is an enormous amount of pressure and judging from what I saw as I was walking around the salon they needed this to really up their game.

Four hairdressers have now gone home (well, five including Giacomo "gracefully bowing out" as he put it. Graceful? HA!) it is time to start seeing more incredible work from all of them remaining and I made sure to tell them that.

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