S2 - E8

Ep 8: Down to the River to Pray

Hannah’s Turks and Caicos 30th birthday bash turned birthday brawl continues. After Hannah pushes Louis to his breaking point, Louis unleashes his fury, airing all the intimate details of their relationship in the bedroom - or lack thereof. Back in Savannah, as Brandon plans a gala for Savannah's 285th birthday, Catherine’s parents push her to finally commit to Lyle. Meanwhile, Hagood finds the support she needs from her boyfriend, Alex. Daniel reveals to his Dad that unhappiness is driving him to travel and find himself. And after Hannah questions Louis' infidelity, Louis confronts Catherine's intentions and her spreading rumors. But just as Catherine is ready to take her relationship with Lyle to the next level, Lyle’s dirty secret begins to surface. 

Aired: 09/03/2018
TV-14 |