7 Goofy Pick-Up Lines Only Southerners Use

7 Goofy Pick-Up Lines Only Southerners Use

What's cookin', good lookin'?

By Lindsay Tigar

Though the average age of marriage for a woman in the United States is 27, that number drops to around 25 if you venture to the Southern states — including North Carolina, Texas, and Alabama. Down south, they rush down the aisle — relatively speaking — and it might be because they got some of the best (and most ridiculous) pick-up lines EVER.

If you’ve ever lived in the South, you already know that true gentlemanly manners are still not only appreciated, but expected. And if you plan on visiting anytime soon, get ready to hear "yes, ma'am" quite often. And maybe, if you’re lucky, you might even hear one of these pick-up lines, too:

1. I want to butter your biscuit.

 Swiping on Tinder while visiting North Carolina? Or Georgia? If someone tells you they want to butter your biscuit, they’re basically telling you how very, very attractive you are. And, they don’t mean to be presumptions because that’s not the Southern way — but they’d like to take you to bed, too.

2. What’s cookin, good lookin’?

Nah, he isn’t asking you to whip up something freshly fried in the kitchen or a pitcher of sweet tea. Instead, it’s a Southern man’s way of asking you "What’s going on?" or "What’s up?" in a relaxed, backroad kind of way.

3. Oh, you’d like to kiss my grits.

Not only are grits considered a go-to delicacy in the South, but they have several meanings: You might see a shirt that says “I’m proud to be a GRIT: girl raised in the South.” Or as a comeback to someone hitting on them, a sassy Southerner might say "Kiss my grits," which might mean she’s interested... but she’s playing a little hard to get (out of her britches).

4. Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only 10 I see!

You’ve heard this one, surely, but if you’re actually in the South, it isn’t an odd question to ask someone if they’re from Tennessee. And though the kicker may be a little cheesy, the Southern gent will use it as an entryway into a conversation.

5. You’re mighty purdy.

Southern slang for pretty, gorgeous, or beautiful can translate to what seems like a misspelling: purdy. It’s not: It's just a lowcountry way of complimenting someone. And if your could-be date is throwing "mighty" in front of it, he’s basically calling you very, very good lookin’.  

6. That was an SOB of a curve.

You might think your date is cursing at you if you’re driving the parkway or the countryside for a picnic and he comments on a windy curve. But SOB doesn’t mean what you think it does. To Southerners, it means: “Scoot over baby," which is exactly what happens when you take a sharp right on gravel. You’ll plunge toward ‘em — so buckle up!

7. Pardon me for starin’. I just can’t help it.

Regardless of where you’re visiting, common courtesy (and your mama) remind you not to stare at strangers. But in the South? They use this lesson to their advantage when they want to strike up a conversation with ya.

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