Is There a Right Way to Date Multiple People at Once?

Is There a Right Way to Date Multiple People at Once?

For starters, you've got to master the art of being discreet.

By Laura Rosenfeld
Tips for Dating Multiple Women at Once

Dating multiple people at once can be tricky since you don't really want any of your dates to find out that you're seeing other people. You want to have fun, not hurt anyone, after all. 

So who better to give some advice on the matter than Southern Charm's resident playboys Whitney Sudler-Smith and Shep Rose, who have some experience in this department? Luckily, the gents were more than game to lend their expertise in the first installment of Shep & Whitney After Dark (clip above). 

"You just have to be discreet," Whitney advised. "With women, it's all about lying. It's covering your tracks, lying. You have to keep aliases, separate addresses. For example, I have a whole family in southern Utah." 

Sounds easy enough (not). But we'll take Whitney and Shep's word for it, although they've also been in the position of finding out about their significant other's wandering eye. Well, at least Whitney has. "I've been cheated on a lot," he admitted.

As for Shep, he said he doesn't think he's ever been cheated on, and it's not because he's "such a good catch," as Whitney suggested. "No, I just think I've had so little girlfriends they haven't had a chance to cheat on me," Shep joked. 

But actually, we wouldn't be surprised if he was being serious. See what other words of wisdom Whitney and Shep served up about love by checking out the full clip, above.

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