This Former Movie Set Might Be the Quirkiest Vacation Destination Ever

This Former Movie Set Might Be the Quirkiest Vacation Destination Ever

Talk about a fantasy getaway.

By Jenny Berg

Director Tim Burton creates colorful, whimsical worlds that we fantasize about living in. But imagine setting up camp in one for a vacation. Sounds pretty sweet, right? Well, now you actually can.

In 2003, Burton's film Big Fish let viewers follow protagonist Edward Bloom on a fantastical journey marked with fairytale creatures, sweeping daffodil fields, and circuses. Bloom also spends time in an idyllic town called Spectre, Alabama.

Emblematic of life in small town, U.S.A., Burton's Spectre is a place where residents walk around barefoot, hold square dances, and gather on Sundays at a white clapboard church. Later in life, Bloom returns to the town to find that its once carefully tended buildings are falling into disrepair, with moss crawling up facades and paint peeling off walls. But even at its eeriest, the town has a movie-magical feeling.

Now, here's the part that will impact your spring-vacation plans: The Spectre set was built on a private island along the Alabama River, and it's still intact. Visitors find the cluster of quaint buildings featured in the film, and Spectre's green grass now serves as camping grounds. The Jackson Lake Island Facebook page has the scoop on accessing the island, and on area attractions that range from kayaking trips to friendly goats. (Yep, you may run into a roaming animal or two.)

You can visit the area for an unforgettable weekend by the river, or even rent it out for weddings and events. Quirky couples take note: The backdrop would make from some pretty unique first-look photos!

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