All Parents Will Appreciate Cameran Eubanks' Nightly Ritual

All Parents Will Appreciate Cameran Eubanks' Nightly Ritual

"This is my thing," says the Southern Charm mama.

By Jenny Berg

For a lot of new parents, the concept of sneaking in a little me time is as foreign as the concept — nay, the dream — of sleeping in past 6 a.m. But, now that Cameran Eubanks  has been a mama to her baby girl Palmer for some eight months, she's practically an old pro at parenting. And, she's even found a way to get a little time to herself. 

On August 22, the Southern Charm mama took to Instagram to share her nightly ritual, which takes place after her wee one has been put to bed. The photo only showed Cameran's finger held up over a bath tub — and you know there's a story there. Indeed, Cameran elaborated: "I am in the tub. This is my thing. I sit in the tub after I put Palmer to bed until the water gets cold."

She also went on to warn about the finger-indenting dangers of technology. Take heed:  

Cameran's not the only mother who makes a "thing" out of her alone time. The Real Housewives of Orange County's Emily Simpson once said this about her new version of date night: "Honestly I know it sounds pretty cliché but just when you get all the kids to bed and you can just sit down on the couch and watch a movie together and just sit next to each other, I mean that’s really our alone time and it’s not anything glamorous, you know, it just is what it is. That’s it, it took so much to just get all three of them into bed and you’re just exhausted so you just sit down next to each other and I don’t know, watch Netflix and just talk about how you survived your day."

And it seems that Kim Kardashian West also knows the power of a little me-time for a mama, even if she gets a ton of flack when she takes hers in public. In case you missed it, the mom of three recently went out to a restaurant with her little ones and sat them at a separate table with a nanny. There was, of course, some troll-fueled backlash on the whole ordeal. But don't expect to see any from us — or from Cameran or Emliy! 

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