Shep: Knowing How to Dance Seldom Hurts Your Chances

Shep: Knowing How to Dance Seldom Hurts Your Chances

Shep updates up on his house and tells us about his Founder's Ball date. Did you enjoy your birthday party? Do you think your hangover was as bad as Kathryn’s?

Shep Rose: I had a blast at my party. Any party where I'm the center of attention is OK with me. Honestly I don't really get bad hangovers; it's a blessing and a curse. What’s the status on your new house? Have you moved in yet?

SR: My new house is great. I moved in in December. Got it all set up perfectly now. Did you have fun at Patricia’s dinner? Was it awkward witnessing Thomas and Whitney’s fight over the ad?

SR: Patricia always throws great parties, top shelf everything. So yes, it was fun. I thought the fight was a little embarrassing and ill-timed. But they said what they needed to and moved past it. Did your dance moves end up winning over your date?

SR: Knowing how to dance seldom hurts your chances. We had a fun night, but she was well behaved, despite my pleas.

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