Thomas: What's Better for Our Daughter?

Thomas: What's Better for Our Daughter?

Thomas opens up about his relationship with Kathryn and his biggest regret this season. Was it hard to see Kathryn at the Wounded Warrior Project's benefit after the way things were left at your election night party?

Thomas Ravenel: Yes! I knew she would summon all her womanly wiles to show up looking stunning, beautiful, and sexy...she knows how to capture the attention of a man. I know myself...I can easily buy into this flirtation and have it over take my willpower, clouding any good judgment a man might have about this situation. How did you feel after Kathryn gave you the ultimatum of being all in or all out?

TR: The real question is...what didn't I feel? The entire pros and cons list about this relationship flashed in neon letters in my head, I felt everything under the sun. What's better for our daughter? To be in a turbulent relationship all the time or having distance with someone? I can't erase all these thoughts of what it is like to live with this person day to day. How can that make a marriage?

Are Thomas and Kathryn Back on the Same Page? What's the biggest lesson you learned this season? 

TR: Saying NO. I have learned that I want to look good, so I find myself accommodating other people's wishes to look good, and then I don't follow my instincts. Do you have any regrets about this season?

TR: I regret running for office with the amount of turmoil at home. It was impossible to shape the campaign into what it needed to be. I allowed her to pull my focus because I was trying to do the "right thing" instead of following my gut. I wish I could have handled my anger and resentment towards Kathryn better...hindsight is 20/20.

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