Whose Side Are You on? Thomas Ravenel Vs. Jennifer Snowden!

Whose Side Are You on? Thomas Ravenel Vs. Jennifer Snowden!

Thomas and Jennifer clash over Kathryn Calhoun Dennis during Patricia's flamingo party. Are you team Thomas or team Jennifer?

By Crystal Puccio

During Monday's episode of #SouthernCharm Jennifer Snowden reveals to Craig Conover that Kathryn Calhoun Dennis was hospitalized after her and Thomas Ravenel got into a big fight. During the conversation Jennifer says, "[Kathryn] was able to go home yesterday, like around dinnertime. But Thomas wasn't there." Craig interpreted that as Thomas deciding not to visit Kathryn in the hospital, which obviously made him very upset.

Craig confronts Thomas about it at Patricia Altschul's flamingo party. Thomas reveals that he did in fact stop by the hospital to check in on Kathryn. After Thomas finds out what Jennifer has been saying about him he furiously confronts her about it leading to a huge blow out. Was Jennifer lying about the whole thing or just conveniently leaving out information so Thomas would look bad? Did Thomas spend enough time at the hospital or did Jennifer have a right to be upset? Tell us, which side are you on? Team Thomas or Team Jennifer?

Watch even more of Thomas and Jennifer's explosive argument:

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