David Murray

David shares his top ten tips for success.

on Dec 4, 20120

I'll be honest that I don't know what the future holds for GoalSponsors. I'm hyper-present to what I have been failing at and am currently doing wrong, and I'm grateful to know that it makes me exponentially more likely to be successful in my next start-up to make these mistakes now. Sadly, I still have to go fix these mistakes and make up for lost time, and I'm hopeful it will make GoalSponsors successful. That said, I acknowledge that there's a 9 in 10 chance that my startup, like all startups, will fail. But I'm still here, still working on it. Today, I'm still in the game.

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David, I agree with @lasvegasreality those type of gifts should be private! (your vegas chicks will always give you the right protocol!)


What I really want to know is what does that business owner want in return for you taking office space, meeting with him weekly, etc....maybe I missed it, but was he upfront about his expectations?