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5 Questions We Have Going Into the Summer House Reunion (Plus, Some Sneak Peeks From the Reunion)

This season's hot summer in the Hamptons left us with a few burning questions, but we've got some Reunion sneak peeks to get you through. 

By Ineye Komonibo
Carl Finally Confronts Stephen About Spreading *That* Secret

Season two of Summer House was nothing short of a good time. Relationships were tested, tea was spilled (a pool-full, actually), and rosé was enjoyed all around. Somehow, our favorite roommates survived another summer together under one roof.

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But as the season came to an end, there were situations that were left totally unresolved, and we need an update! Here are the 5 questions we need answers to going into the season two reunion:

1. Is Carl Still Dating Lindsay?

Carl Radke Realizes Just How Much He Has Hurt Lauren Wirkus

No, not Lindsay Hubbard. Carl met this Lindsay in the city and invited her to the shared house after his situationship with Lauren officially cooled down. They hung out back in the city, and on their first real date, Carl admitted to really liking Lindsay and wanting to spend more time with her. Did our resident playboy finally find the girl he'd be willing to change his relationship status for?

2. Is Stephen Still With Travis?

Stephen McGee Asks His Parents to Fully Accept Him as a Gay Man

After initially struggling with his family's disapproval of his sexuality, Stephen opened himself up to the possibility of romance. A night out with new guy Travis gave the Summer House pal butterflies, and the two sealed it with a shot of tequila and kiss at the final luau send-off. It looked like Stephen had definitely met his match in Travis' wicked sense of humor and high alcohol tolerance.  

3. Has Kyle Moved in With Amanda?

Kyle Tells His Girlfriend He Doesn’t Want To Marry Her

Kyle broke the number one rule of Summer House when he invited his girlfriend Amanda to stay with him in the Hamptons. Their relationship went from clear skies to dark and stormy, making Amanda question whether Kyle was prepared to take things to the next level. She already had the keys to Kyle's heart and his apartment, but getting her name on his lease proved a much more difficult task...

4. What's Up With Single Lindsay?

Lindsay Goes For the Kiss

Yes, we're talking about Lindsay Hubbard now. Hubbs tried to enjoy her first summer being single since breaking up with her boyfriend Everett, but the summer of single didn't quite go as planned. Did Lindsay ever get her groove back?

5. Did Carl and Stephen Actually Make Up?

Carl Radke Explains That Secret Stephen McGee Spilled

We watched with sadness as the playful bromance between Carl and Stephen came to an abrupt end this season, with Stephen growing more and more irritated by Carl's antics when it came to his other bestie Lauren. Plus, there was the whole fallout over *that* secret of Carl's. The boys just couldn't see eye to eye all summer until one final heartfelt conversation on their last day at the summer house. Are we sensing a reunion at this reunion?

Carl Radke Gives Even More the Deets on *That* Night of Passion

Get a glass or two of rosé ready, because these questions (and more) will be answered tomorrow night when the roomies sit down with Andy Cohen and look back at the highs and lows of their time in the summer house.  

Can't wait? Check out this sneak peek of the Summer House reunion:

Can Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula Really Last?
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