Who Is Amanda Batula? Meet One Half of the Summer House Season 2 Couple

Who Is Amanda Batula? Meet One Half of the Summer House Season 2 Couple

She may have been a guest at the #SummerHouse last season, but this summer, she’s here to stay. 

This Is What Is Going on With Everyone on Summer House Season 2

On this season of Summer House, you can expect resident party boy and ladies’ man Kyle Cooke to be on his best behavior because he’s got a new roommate — his girlfriend Amanda Batula! Amanda, who has spent quite a bit of time in the Hamptons already, is joining the gang for a summer of rosé -fueled shenanigans. Here are some fun facts about the newest addition to the summer house! 

She’s a World Traveler

Amanda’s passport must be full of stamps, because the girl loves to travel! She’s visited cool places like St. Maarten, Greece, and France!


She’s a Foodie

 You can add "food love" and  "budding chef" to her list of achievements. 


She’s Sporty

To stay in shape, Amanda does a lot of exercise, including yoga with Kyle. What a fit pair, those two. <3


She Knows How to Have a Good Time

Anyone who wants to live in this house has to know how to have fun, and it seems to us like Amanda might be a perfect addition to this group. Cheers!

You can catch Amanda and the rest of the Summer House roomies on Mondays at 10/9c. In the meantime, take a tour of the house, below:

Tour The Season 2 Summer House




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