Who Is Danielle Olivera? Meet the Newest Gal on Summer House!

Who Is Danielle Olivera? Meet the Newest Gal on Summer House!

Get the 411 on this new Summer House roommate!

This Is What Is Going on With Everyone on Summer House Season 2

Making new friends can be hard, but being in the Hamptons makes it a lot easier. Just ask Danielle Olivera, one of the newest additions to Summer House! The New Jersey native joins our fun-loving roommates at the invitation of one Carl Radke — who just happens to be Danielle's ex! Though there's bound to be some awkwardness in the house, Danielle is no stranger to the shared house scene and is up for the challenge. Here are four things you need to know about Danielle Olivera.


1. She's Got Great Style

Midweek detox in full swing 😉 #summerisnotover #humpdayvibes #weekend 🔜

A post shared by Danielle Olivera (@danielleolivera) on

From fringe to velvet, Danielle knows how to serve a look!


2. She's a Dog Person

Danielle is in love with her pup, and we can't blame her at all. Adorable!


3. She Has a Sense of Humor

The key to having a great time in the #SummerHouse is being able to let loose and not take yourself too seriously, and we think Danielle is going to do just fine. 


4. She Loves Her Family

Have an Ollie jolly Xmas 🎉🎁 #oliveraclan #xmascard #himom

A post shared by Danielle Olivera (@danielleolivera) on

If home is where the heart is, then you can catch her in Hoboken, New Jersey, spending some quality time with her mom and her brother.

You can see more of Danielle and her roommates on season two of Summer House every Monday at 10/9c. Take a tour of the shared house, below. 

Tour The Season 2 Summer House
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