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Reunion Part 2

S6/EP17 |
Aired: 05/16/2022
The reunion concludes with Kyle and Amanda giving an update on their prenup question. Lindsay reveals why she stopped drinking and gives insight into her romance with Carl. Mya, Ciara and Alex open up about the difficult, but important discussion held with the housemates this summer. Paige and Amanda question Lindsay’s true intentions in the house. 44:24

Reunion Part 1

S6/EP16 |
Aired: 05/09/2022
As the Summer House reunion kicks off, Lindsay defends her “Hot Hubbs Summer.” Carl tarnishes his friendship with a surprising housemate along the way. Danielle’s relationship is questioned. Andrea gives an update on his dating life. Amanda calls Lindsay out for her lackluster apology about Austen. Alex offers a surprising twist. Danielle and Ciara’s growing resentments of each other come to a head. 44:23

A Happy Sending

S6/EP15 |
Aired: 05/02/2022
Love is in the air as Kyle and Amanda’s big day approaches. Lindsay and Carl address their feelings toward each other head on. Paige and Craig finally put a label on their relationship. With just days to go until their nuptials, Kyle and Amanda are hit with a blow that no one saw coming. 44:24

Keep Prom And Carry On

S6/EP14 |
Aired: 04/25/2022
As the final weekend of summer comes to a close, the housemates let loose one last time with an epic prom party. While Lindsay and Carl are exploring the flirtier side of their friendship, the arrival of an unexpected guest leaves Paige speechless. With the deadline to finalize their prenup quickly approaching, Kyle and Amanda are feeling the pressure. 44:24


S6/EP13 |
Aired: 04/18/2022
The last weekend of summer starts with a bang; Tensions rise among the housemates at dinner; Lindsay's Hot Hubbs pursuits land her back in the hot seat. 44:24

Playing With Fire

S6/EP12 |
Aired: 04/11/2022
At Danielle's beachside bonfire, Lindsay's heart is burning for her latest suitor; Mya is hesitant about her new relationship; when Andrea breaks down about his recent heartbreak, Paige wonders if he was using her the past few months. 44:24

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