Adorable Dog Takes the Blame for Woman’s Drunken Antics

Adorable Dog Takes the Blame for Woman’s Drunken Antics

Dogs know when they're being thrown under the bus.

By Megan Segura

The perfect crime means no witnesses — or at least no witnesses who can talk ... Enter George the dog. After breaking her roommate, Lauren's, all-glass sculpture (which took over a YEAR to create), Alyson lied and said George broke it.

Now, it's finally time for Alyson to admit to her mistake, but how will Lauren respond? Watch the video above to find out.

Bake Amends reveals the stories behind the internet's most shameful apology cakes. Will the offended accept the apology, or will the culprit get their apology cake thrown back in their face? Watch the episode above to find out, and check back each Monday for all-new episodes.

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