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A Dog-Eat-Poop World

Episode 9:'s Associate Editor counts down the top three "Really?!" moments.

Barkingham Palace was grooming itself for disaster. (Although I have to admit, love the name.) The biggest problem facing this doggie daycare/grooming establishment was undoubtedly Tania's erratic management style. And also maybe the fact that the dogs were running amok. It all added up to plenty of Rover-related "Really?!" moments.

Really?! Moment No. 3 - Not a People Person

I'm not sure what Tania's deal is. The staff seem lovably meek and very concerned about their jobs, so you'd think with a little guidance and a firm hand they'd get right back on track. But for some reason they seemed to live in fear of Tania. It became abundantly clear why when Nik tried to confront her during the staff meeting. Nik pointed out that Tania can be passive aggressive towards people, and Tania's response was, "You particularly, not people, honey." Yikes! That's not passive aggressive, that's just plain aggressive, and Tabatha was not having it.

Must Start to Communicate
Really?! Moment No. 2 - A Dog-Eat-Poop World

Barkingham Palace was delivering anything but royal treatment to it's canine customers. The most disturbing issue was that the dogs relieved themselves pretty much anywhere other than the wee wee pads. The couches, the floor, probably even the beds. And because there was such a lack of supervision on the floor, one of the dogs actually ate another dog's poop. Bleh! It would seem the care part of daycare was missing from the equation at this facility. No wonder they were in a deep doo-doo pile of debt.

Really?! Moment No. 1 - The Accused

After all of Tabatha's efforts and renovations, it seemed things were off to a great start on reopening day. That is until Tania decided that she needed to confront Nik about her grooming work on one of the dogs. What followed may have been one of the most awkward and strange exchanges in Tabatha history. And that's saying a lot.

The whole thing was very uncomfortable. Tania was using that very quiet voice and accusing Nik of doing unsatisfactory work. Nik seemed apologetic and offered a plausible reason why the dog's mohawk could have gotten mussed up (though I didn't like her use of the expression "lovin' on him"). But Tania was unconvinced that Nik was really hearing her even though she also thought it was the most genuine conversation they've had. What?! No wonder Nik was confused.

There's a Break of Communication
Next week Tabatha's taking over a spa that's anything but relaxing.
An Unrelaxing Spa
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