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Batter Up!

Episode 2:'s Associate Editor counts down the top three "Really?!" moments.

Finally! I've been dying to see Tabatha take over a non-salon establishment, and I was not disappointed. I will admit, I was kind of hoping she's transform Club Ripples into a salon-themed bar. How cool would that be? Salon chairs instead of bar stools, swizzle sticks in the shape of flat irons... But I suppose that might have been a little much for lovable gay couple John and Larry. And as with salons past, there was no shortage of Really?! moments.

Really?! Moment No. 3 - Big Brother

This isn't the first time Tabatha's encountered owners who monitor and micromanage their staff's every move via hidden cameras. But that coupled with the never ending list of rules (no bags on the bar, no drinks on the dancefloor, etc.) created an entirely un-fun atmosphere for the staff and patrons of the bar. There's no way you can have the relxed, engaging vibe necessary for a bartender if you're living in fear knowing that you're being watched.

Jekyll and Hyde
Really?! Moment No. 2 - Iceland Fresh


I mean $3.50 for a bottle of water? At a bar no less? I'll admit I've been to clubs that only serve bottled water, but they maybe charged a dollar or two. And they were full of patrons. Who would agree to pay that amount for water? It's one thing to be drinking a cocktail in an empty bar, it's quite another to pay $3.50 to drink water by yourself. Even if the water from Iceland was a revelation, I think I'd still pass on paying that much for it. 

Really?! Moment No. 2 - Outside the Box

Oh the suggestion box. Never a good sign when it hasn't been checked in so long that the key's missing and a thick layer of dust lines the top. I imagine people just stopped adding comments to it since the space seemed so far beyond repair. 

But by far the scariest moment involving the suggestion box was when Tabatha decided to open it up the hard way.

First of all, I'm hoping that's paint caked onto Tabatha's bat. Second, I would be on my best behavior while Tabatha's carrying around any manner of weapon. Luckily for John and Larry they were currently on her good side, so she focused her takeover rage on the suggestion box alone. Next week Tabatha's back to the salon scene, and what happens during Tabatha's evaluation may be the most horrifying mistake I've seen on the show. 

Unmitigated Disaster
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