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S4 - E8

Episode 8: Flavio Beauty College -- Torrance, CA

Eighty-four year old Flavio Bisignano was a legend when he opened his beauty school over 50 years ago. But now he's ready to hand over the reigns to his daughter, Tiana, who grew up going to visit the school but is not a hairdresser. Tabatha is appalled to discover that this school is failing miserably, because the teachers are not teaching and the students are uninspired and bored. The less the teachers care, the more the students skip class and now they aren't passing their exams. To make matters worse, Tiana hides out in her office with her head buried in the sand. Can Tabatha give Tiana and the staff the kick they need to inspire their students and save Flavio's legacy?

Aired: 03/06/2012