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S5 - E4

Ep 4: Nexgen

Nexgen barbershop in Murfreesboro, Tennessee was once known as the place to go if you needed to maintain your mane or a five o’clock shadow. All that has changed since owner Mike Garcia abandoned his business for nearly a year to work with a youth ministry in another state. As Mike’s passion for ministry grew, his wife Layla and his barbers were left to manage the shop as best as they could. With customers coming in at a snail’s pace, morale was low, tensions were high and Nexgen dwindled down to a thing of the past. Before Mike knew it, his barbers staged a walk out causing Mike to be angry, bitter and left his wife to pick up the pieces. With the business on the verge of a meltdown, Tabatha must step in to clear the air and help Mike turn this once bustling business, into the upscale barber shop it was intended to be.

Aired: 04/25/2013