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"Drinking on the job, writing slut on client’s heads for all to see, sexual innuendos, and dildos in drawers does not and will not build a clientele."

Bang salon had the most unprofessional behavior I have EVER seen. It was truly amazing to me that they had any clients and I found their conduct offensive on so many levels. Darren thought visiting the salon should be fun and entertaining - he called it “dinner and a show” and he said that just because you had a hairdressing license didn’t mean you had to be professional. REALLY DARREN?

Drinking on the job, writing slut on client’s heads for all to see, sexual innuendos, and dildos in drawers does not and will not build a clientele. I knew it was going to be a bumpy road.

The staff shared with me how much they liked Darren as a person but had no respect for him as an owner, and they were all losing clients because of his antics. They were also afraid to book certain clients if he was going to be in the salon because he offended so many of them with his crude conduct. It was also incredibly distracting to their work and the only one that seemed to really partake in the activities was Leona.

Leona was Darren’s sidekick enabler and the one that would try and cover his butt with his clients if he got too out of control. What I realized during my assessment was that Darren couldn’t focus and take his client or his job seriously, he had the attention span of a 3 year old and Leona totally hyped him up and her work suffered because of it. The other stylists were able to focus and do good work, except for Guy who was a challenge because he wasn’t open to trying new things.

The thing I found out about Darren was that all his staff said the only time he acted serious and responsible was when he was with his children, and that’s where I got the idea to take him to his daughters school for career day. If I could get him to not act like an arse in front of the class and make him realize that his parenting skills could be implemented in his business I felt like I had a shot and it worked.

Marketing the salon allowed Darren to show his personality and get his staff together as a team. I didn’t want them to stop having fun but I wanted them to learn how to behave like professionals and not offend clients.

Opening day was a success the salon was busy. Darren focused and the entertainment was customer service and great hair. I was really happy that Leona didn’t enable Darren and focused on her clients and I was glad they all decided to given Darren a second chance. I hope he can live up to their expectations and take his business and MY industry seriously.

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